Friday, March 9, 2012


I take in the fresh air, this is much more better then that stuffy cave. I look around until I spot the road. I walk down to it, looking ahead to see buildings, I presume this is Riverwood. I walk down the road into Riverwood. I soon meet Hadvar's Uncle, Alvor the Blacksmith. Me and Hadvar tell him all about "Helgen", where the dragon attacked. He tells us we best come inside, he then gives me a load of things, saying I'll need the supplies. With the items is a enchanted ring! Just putting it on makes me feel like I could take a few extra blows! He tells me to go to Whiterun, a city not far from here. He tells me to speak with Jarl (King/Mayor) Balgruuf.

It's currently dark out, so I head over to the inn, The Sleeping Giant. I sell some drinks to the cook, but I keep the fancy Black Briar Mead. I rent a room from Delphine, the Inn keeper. I go to sleep, and wake up around 8:00. I reach into my bag and eat the first thing I find, some salmon. This stuff is delicious! I quickly run up to the cook to see if he has more, he tells me he doesn't. OUTRAGE! I decide I can get some salmon later. I go outside "The Riverwood Trader". A small shop. There are two people inside, arguing. I shy back to the door, I was about to open it and leave until the guy behind the counter notices me "Oh, a customer. Sorry you had to hear that." I learn his name is Lucan, and the person he was arguing with name's Camilla, his sister. I sell all  the junk I got off of my wanderings to him. Now for my next great goal, get more salmon!

Book List:

Some of the books that I've read:

Harry Potter Series books; two times
Books of Umber Series
Percy Jackson Series; two times
Guardians of GaHoole'  Series
Redwall Series
The Hunger Games Series
The Kingdom Keepers
Mouse Guard Series
Warriors Series

My favorite of these series are: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Redwall and The Books of Umber.