Friday, February 3, 2012

Skyrim Episode 2: Bandits and Pickaxes

Well, I have a lot to do. First of all, being getting some better equiptment. I notice a path leading up a hill. I follow it to find a scary looking fellow with a big weapon throwing threats at me. I step forward a bit and he charges me. I use my Cat Fu to bring him down. I see that he was guarding a mine entrance, I enter and go down a tunnel. I notice something, a tripwire. I carefully step around it and continue to find a bridge with two other people talking; I figure they're bandits. One of them notices me and yells "Up there!" and runs at me with his buddy. After a few swings of the claws they are kaputs. I take one of the Bandit's armor, so now I have some new gear.I find something on the ground, a pickaxe! I then look around and find a iron ore vein, I start hackig away untill I get ore.

I find a lever in a small room; I pull it and it drops another bridge. Two bandits come over the bridge. I try to sneak around them but one spots me, they charge. I quickly take them down with a few swipes from my claws. I find one of them has better armor then I have, so I take it and equipt it. I find another iron ore vein. I have six iron ore now. I continue on ahead untill I find a bandit sitting in a chair outside a gate, after disposing of him I find a key on him, I unlock the gate he was sitting infront of. Inside is a large chest filled with valuables. I loot it and continue on, mining some iron ore as I go.

I walk out onto a balcony overlooking a forge, with a fellow khajiit working it, I try to sneak up on him, but he sees me (I really need to work on sneaking, huh?) I take him down before he can land a blow on me. This is a pretty nice forge they got here, all its missing is a leather tanning rack and a smelter.

I find a book that raises my smithing level, I also found some iron ingots and some iron ore. I was about to be on my way when something lands next to me, a arrow! a archer is up on a higher bridge shooting at me, I run up the ramp and make my way towards the bridge. I take down the archer, I take his bow and his arrows.

One of his buddys run up behind me and nearly cleaves me in two. But once again, another villian falls to my Cat Fu! I mine some more ore, and find a store room, that has a small pile of precious gems! I finally find the exit and leave, with lots of plunder!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skyrim Episode 1: Dragon Fire

I wake weary and broken, I'm on a carriage traveling down a road, there are three other men aboard with me, one of them notices my waking. "Glad to see you finally woke up, you were trying to cross the border, Right?" says the one in armor. "Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us and that thief over there." I look over next to him and to see a man in rags, I guess he's the Thief. The Thief and The Guy in Armor start arguing, while the man sitting next to me stays silent. I notice he's silent mainly because he has a cloth over his mouth. I notice a cart ahead of us filled with people wearing the same armor as The Guy in Armor. They must be comrades or something. Beyond the 2nd cart is a man that reminds me a lot of pictures I've seen of Jullious Ceasar. I then see our destination; a small village.

As we approach the gate of the village a man yells to Jullious "General Tullious, Sir! The Headsman is waiting!". Headsman? I don't like the sound of Headsman, our carriage rolls to a stop and we soon file out. In front of us is a man holding a book and next to him is a woman wearing heavy armor. The man starts listing us off. I learn The Guy in Armor's name is Ralof and the Thief is Lokir and the Gagged Man sitting next to me is Ulfric Stormcloak. The Jarl (ruler of a city) of Windhelm, supposedly a ruler of some rebellion. They call Lokir forward... He starts frantically pleading with them he isn't a rebel. He then yells "You're never going to kill me!" and he runs past  them.

The Lady in the heavy armor then shouts "Archers!" and before Lokir could escape; he fell to the arrows. The man with the book then looked at me and commands; "You there, come forward!" I nervously step forward. Wait, I feel like I've forgotten something, oh yes, the names Jaspo, I'm a Khajiit (Cat Person) I have grey fur and black markings all over my face, just to sum myself up(I'll try to post pictures soon).

 Any how, The man with the book asks me if I'm from a trade caravan, then makes a rude comment on how my kind always find trouble. He then asks the Captain (The Lady in Armor) " what should we do?" because I'm not on the list. She seems to think for a moment then says "I don't care, he goes to the block."

 Wow. She's nice."I'm sorry, I'll make sure you're remains are returned to Elswery" (My homeland.) Well, my remains shall be returned home. That makes me feel better (it doesn't) we then approach the block. A man that has the same armor as Ralof approaches it. I avert my eyes for a few moments till I hear cheering, and some rude names being thrown at the Imperials."Next, the Cat!" commands the Captain. The Cat? I have a name you know...

 I approach the block and get rudely shoved onto my knees then kick down onto the block, I look up at the headsman, he's a creepy fellow. I guess that's why he's the headsman. He raises the axe and I think about my life until a dragon swoops out from a mountain and flys with great speed on top of a tower directly behind the headsman. The dragon releases some form of blast from itself; knocking over the headsman. Well, instead of getting my head chopped off, I'm going to be eaten/burned to death by a dragon! I quickly get up from the block I notice Ralof who is now free from his bonds. He yells "Come on, Khajiit! The gods won't give us another chance, this way!"

 He runs off to a tower. I figured it would be safer in the tower, so I follow. Inside is Ulfric Stormcloak, who quickly slams the door behind me. Him and Ralof converse a bit until Ralof announces "We need to move, Now! up through the tower, quickly!" I ran up the tower to find that the stairs had caved in; and one of Ralof's buddys was shifting through it. He turned and saw me "Come help me move some of these rocks to clear the way I..." But before he could finish whatever he was saying the wall bursted open, and the dragon stuck his head inside the tower and breathed fire engulfing Ralof's Comrade. Ralof came running up the stairs to see the hole in the side of the tower."See that inn on the other side?" He asked. "Jump through the roof and get going, I'll catch up with you!"

 I nervously looked through to see a building with its roof missing. If I missed this jump I'd either drop to the ground atleast 40 feet bellow, or I would hit the side of the building then fall. Luckily, I'm a cat, and making the jump was easy. I ran outside of the Inn and saw The Guy With the Book; but he didnt have a book in his hand, just a sword. He noticed me and told me to follow him, we ran through the burning streets till we came upon a large clearing in the buildings.

 General Tullious was shouting commands to some mages shooting fireballs up at the dragon circling over head. General Tullious notices The Guy with The Book and shouts "Hadvar, into the keep soldier, we're leaving!" Hadvar (A.K.A The Guy with The Book) runs off towards a archway. I run after him and enter a courtyard I see Ralof coming in from another archyway; this time he was armed with a axe. Hadvar and Ralof then insulted each other and ran off to diffirent doorways, each one yelling "This way, into the keep!" so I had a decision to make, follow Hadvar, who's friends tryed to chop my head off, or Ralof, who got me in this mess in the first place.

 I made a moments decision and followed Hadvar some of you may be wondering "Why follow Hadvar, the Imperials tryed to chop you're head off!" Well, they seem a lot less Rag-Tag then the rebels, and Hadvar seems friendly enough. Besides, the rebels are very "Skyrim for the Nords" And I'm a Khajiit. So once me and Hadvar were inside, he freed me of my bonds. He tells me to go fetch some gear, so I walk over to a chest and get some gear, as in a pair of boots, I don't need a sword, I'm trained in Cat Fu. I put on the boots and we run down a passage, to find two rebels talking. They yell battle cries and charge us, luckily I use some of my awesome Cat Fu and take them down, we continue down stairs, to hear the sounds of a fight, a frail old man and a strong younger one fighting two rebels, me and Hadvar charged in and helped them.Turns out the Old Man and the Strong Dude are the two torturers

. I figured hence the cages. Hadvar trys to convince the older one, but he just thinks We're crazy, the strong Torturer agrees to come with us. I was about to head down a tunnel till Hadvar calls me over, I walk over to a cage with a dead mage in it, Hadvar claims that his equiptment may be useful, so he hands me some lockpicks. Why Hadvar has twelve lockpicks, I will never know. So me, Hadvar and the Torturer head off down a tunnel. We meet some rebels and do battle. Not much interesting happened after that besides some Giant Spiders and a Bear (All of which I slayed with my bare hands!). Just as I was tiring we found the exit, I'm glad to be back in Daylight!

Me and Hadvar then split up after talking, he told me that if I follow the road I can find Riverwood. His uncle's the blacksmith there. I walked along the road and found a abandoned camp. No one was home, so I helped myself to some of their stuff I figured I needed it more then they did. I then stopped at the river staring at the mountain knowing the Dragon was still lurking there somewhere.

NOTE: This is a documentation of me actaully playing Skyrim, I'm not making it up. However, this is through the eyes of Jaspo, and all the commentary is what he would say or do. Feel free to make suggestions on what I should do next! Also, not all the grammar and spelling will be correct. I'll be trying to post pictures as soon as I can.

Mythology Series

Hello everyone, wanted to share one of my favorite author's website click this link. Rick Riordan's Website
He has three book series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles. I like the how his books are based on mythology, which is one of my favorite subjects. These include: Greek, Roman and Egyptian. I heard he's going to be doing a Norse mythology story in 2015. I can't wait for that!