Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Writing Prompt 2

Write what it would be like to be a pinata at a child's birthday party:

The Tale of Joey the Pinata

Hi, my name's Joey the Donkey Pinata. But you can call me Joe. I live in the local party store. Life here is good, despite some of my Pinata buddies disappearing. Life use to be peaceful and easy, until yesterday. Here's what happened:

It was normal day like any other. A few customers. I was talking to my friend Jesus the Cactus Pinata. The door opened and in walked a fat man with a whiny child. The fat man said "Pick which one you want Kenny." The whiny child looked up at me and Jesus the Cactus Pinata and pointed straight...at....me! Before I knew it I was thrown into a trunk of a car! After what seemed hours of driving, we arrived at a small home. They took me from the trunk and shoved me into a closet. I yelled and yelled for someone to help me, but no one did.

The next day, the wife as the fat man calls her, takes me out of the closet and onto a table. She brings out a bowl of sweet things wrapped in paper. She begins filling me with them in a rude manner! Afterwards, the whiny kid comes in and starts begging the wife for candy the sweet stuff wrapped in paper. She said he'd have to wait for his friends to come... wait, there is more of him? This can't be good. Later that day, they took me into their backyard and laid me down on a table. Soon other whiny children showed up.

After a lot of screaming, kicking and yelling the whiny children lined up near a tree. The fat man picked me up and tied a rope around my middle, then hung me from the tree. What could this be? Some strange ritual? The whiny children started grabbing bats. Wait, bats? The whiny kid Kenny comes up first. I must escape! The fat man blindfolds him. Uh, maybe I'm supposed to bat him? He swings, and misses my head by hardly an inch! He takes off his blindfold and looks at me disappointed. After many whacks to  me, the whiny children stop attacking me. I'm beaten and bludgeoned.

It looks as if the torment is over. But then the fat man comes forth with a bat as well. He raises it high above his head! He brings it down on my stomach! It was gruesome! My insides spilling everywhere! The whiny children viciously fighting each other for them like hungry wolves! It was horrible. He soon untied me from the tree, and throw me in a bin. Days later, I was taken once again. Now, I live all alone in the local dump. But hey, it isn't that bad. I met Jesus the Cactus here a few weeks later. He was missing his hat, but otherwise fine. And that, is my tale. So think next time you beat a pinata, think "What if this thing has feelings? Should I be doing this?" So please, stop the cruelty and abuse of pinatas everywhere!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Skyrim Episode 4:Picture day! Part 2

'Allo, m'names Jackal, professional Dragon Hunter, and Dragonborn. (Person who is born with the soul of a dragon and can use ability's such as using "Shouts" which are ancient words of power, they can also absorb dragon souls.) Jaspo mentioned me earlier. This is a picture of me with m' dragon scale armor and deadric blades. (Deadra are like demons of the Elderscrolls world, their weaponry is deadly.) I look forward to posting more stories on me, I got loads to tell! And Noah is also sorry that he hasn't been posting much on his blog, but today he has had a burst of new stories! The next episode is going to be about my first dragon battle! See you then!

Skyrim Episode 4:Picture day! Part 1

Noah finally got the Pictures working! This one above me is one of me fishing!

And this one is of me working the forge!

Skyrim Stories: Updates

Hey there, it's me, Jaspo. Noah's been working on trying to put up screenshots of me. But it's more difficult then it sounds. Anyhow, the series may be moving on to another Khajiit, Jackal. He's really powerful. But don't worry! There'll still be plenty of stories about me! Also, as a disclaimer. Noah doesn't own any of the characters, people places or things in the game The Elderscrolls IV:Skyrim. Bethesda does. He only owns me and the other characters he makes. So, just wanted to clear all that up.

Writing Prompt 1

If I could choose two famous people as my parents who would I choose and why?

J.K Rowling

I would choose for my mom J.K Rowling. She is my favorite author, she wrote the Harry Potter series, which I've read almost three times now. Also she's rather funny.

Johnny Depp

                                                                                          Jack Skellington

 I would choose Johnny Depp as my Father. He's my favorite actor and has acted and voice acted for many of my favorite movies and shows. He's played as Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington and Willy Wonka. Here's a picture of Jack Skellington                                                                                         ------->