Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Continent and Empire of Kataria

Well, today I'm going to be explaining one of my many ideas for a fictional book series I hope to write one day. It's the Continent and Empire of Kataria (Pronounced Ka Tare Eee Ah). The setting is the Earth which  is really four times larger then the earth we now know. With different weather patterns, larger seas, and a lot of historical differences. Kataria is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It's a little bit smaller then Russia. The Steampunk Era that was between 1885 and 1920 began there. Kataria has many notable and large cities. First of which being Eldercron, which covers almost all of the eastern coast of Kataria. It's known for airship production. The next city of note is Capitol City. (Not a very creative name, huh?) Capitol City holds the royal stronghold, where The Emperor and his family live for around six months a year, the other months are usually spent in Eldercron or Tinsin, which is known for its mines and refinery's. So, I may explain Katarian culture and the species that live on this continent better in another post, but I think this quick explanation should sum it up for now.

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